Brick Edging For Flower Beds: How to Install It

Brick edging for flower beds can be good option for beautifying the appearance of your flower beds. For those who have great passion in gardening, you are probably familiar with this one. Moreover, you can design the lawn or garden with various ideas of brick edging. To get the best one, you can browse some inspiration from internet or magazines. Find the right one that matches the type of your gardening as well as your budget also. It means that you are recommended to select the one that require lees money and budget at the same time. The installation of the edging should be considered also. Below are the tips for the installation process.

The tips of brick edging for flower beds installation

Truthfully, you can get the tips of brick edging for flower beds installation which is completed with the video. It is recommended for those who are newbie or those who haven’t done the installation of brick edging for flower beds. Only by watching the videos, you can get the beautiful garden perfectly. Watch them carefully and you can select whether you want to apply as what has been displayed on the video or you want to modify it with your creativity.

Finding the right area for brick edging for flower beds should be considered also. In this brick edging for flower beds step, you are required to measure the width and length of the brick for seeing the one foot of the edging. Don’t forget to multiply number of the brick on per foot by length of bedding edge that is mainly purposed to find its total. Also, some of brick edging for flower beds ideas allows the curves in its landscape. For defining the new area of edging, you can use landscape paint, lime, garden hose, and string. You better avoid in making sharp corner with the edgings since it can cause mowing easier.

The next step is digging out the space for the bricks. In this brick edging for flower beds installation step, you can use the trench shovel. As you are digging, choose the area for bricks that are along with edge of landscape. Trench should be deep enough since it is used for holding and keeping bricks on its place. Also, you can use hammer wooden for staking the curves and trench ends. Also, you can run the line of mason between stakes for creating reference of brick height. In this brick edging for flower beds, you can also add up to one inch of sand for trench as well as lay brick on the top.

Also, you have to place bricks in trench tightly that is against each other and you can adjust it as you want. You probably also want to add the leveling sand since it can help you in edging process. To get the best result of brick edging for flower beds, the bricks have to be buried to the depth which leaves up to one and half inch of the surface showing.

You can use the rubber mallet or tamp bricks into the place securely. Also, keep work in the fashion down line and add the few of extra plants along with the top soil as well as thick layer of the mulch. By this, you would be surprised with the result of brick edging for flower beds.