Arrange the Lawn Fertilizer Schedule for the Best and Healthiest Lawn

Arranging Lawn Fertilizer Schedule is important to maintain the lawn. By doing regular fertilizing, your lawn will stay green and healthy. Furthermore, the plant growth will be carried on with the regular fertilizing. The animals, bugs, and other pests will be able to be avoided because the healthy plant and grass have a good protection. So, here are some important matters you should consider for lawn fertilizing schedule.

Some Factors for a Healthy Lawn

Some researchers of University of Minnesota reveal some factors that influence the lawn’s health. Those factors are carbon dioxide and sunlight for the production of energy, oxygen for process of respiration, and water for evaporative cooling and cell enlargement. By making sure that those factors are present in your Lawn Fertilizer Schedule, your lawn has reached the half path for being a healthy lawn. Besides, the soil should contain the supplies of nutrient that supports the growth. That’s why schedule of lawn fertilizing becomes important. Regular fertilizing for lawn adds the essential nutrient in special amount which is required by the plant.

Furthermore, the regular Lawn Fertilizer Schedule will make your lawn healthier. The root system of grass will be better. Thus, the grass can beat drought, mowing, cold, heat, foot traffic and any other stresses. Schedule of lawn fertilizing will improve the lawn condition. The best frequency of lawn fertilizing is around four times in a year. Make sure that you follow this lawn fertilizing schedule direction. Mark the months and prepare your fertilizer.

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The Best Periods for Lawn Feeding

Grass will be dormant during winter. As the winter ends and spring starts, it is the best period to start Lawn Fertilizer Schedule. The grass may be hungry after sleeping during the winter. By starting your schedule of lawn fertilizer in the early spring (February to April), your grass’ root will be strengthened. So, it will have a good and strong root before facing the heavy growing season. Make sure that you mark the late spring, which is from April to June, as the period of your lawn fertilizing schedule. Grass will need much energy during spring.

In summer (June to August), grass will face some hard stresses such as insects, foot traffic, heat and drought. It is the best period for Lawn Fertilizer Schedule. The fertilizer will be the supply of energy for the grass. Some fertilizer also contains insecticide that can defeat the bugs and pest you may find on the lawn. Therefore, your lawn is ready to fight against those stresses. By the schedule of lawn fertilizer during summer, your lawn will be strong to survive time after time.

Prepare the best for autumn. It is regarded as the ideal condition for plant’s growth. The night is cool while the day is pretty warm. Rainfall and dews in the morning will provide the ideal amount of water for the soil. So, mark this season as your schedule of lawn fertilizing. Fertilizer will help the lawn recovering from the damage that summer brings. Besides, Lawn Fertilizer Schedule during fall will preserve the root for the winter.