Month: February 2016

About Lawn Mower Starter: Tips for Starting and Maintenance

Grass in your lawn will grow higher and taller. To keep your lawn beautiful and tidy, you need Lawn Mower Starter. The mower starter for lawn is pretty easy to use. You will need to turn it on and walk around your lawn to mow the grass. However, before start mowing, you should check your starter for lawn mower, whether it can run well or not.

Check the Lawn Mower Parts

The first thing to check on your Lawn Mower Starter is battery. Make sure that the battery has previously been charged before you use. Use a 6 amp battery charger. If you have a riding field mower starter, make sure that the battery is 12-volt when it is fully-charged. Use voltmeter to measure it. If it is between 12.7 to 12.9 volts after charging, then you still can use it. However, if voltmeter shows 12.4 volt or less, you should replace the battery.

The next thing to check on your Lawn Mower Starter is starter motor. It is bolted to the engine crankcase. Then, it will turn the engine flywheel teeth and directly stars the engine of the riding lawnmower. Commonly, it will work well after you make sure that the battery, electrical connectors and starter and wiring solenoid are tested and proven that they all properly work. This element can be rebuilt with helping hands from a professional.

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How to Start a Lawn Mower

To start your Lawn Mower Starter, you should follow some steps. The first thing to do is filling up then checking the oil. Next, you should push the prime button for 3 or 4 times. If your field mower starter is not equipped with a prime button, you can open the throttle. It will activate the choke. The third step is checking the spark plug. It is the thing that makes the motor running. You should ensure that it is attached to the spark plug firmly.

Then, as you are starting the Lawn Mower Starter, make sure that the mower is stable. You can hold a safety switch on when you start. Hold the starter handle and pull it upward. Do it firmly and quickly. Soon, you can work with your mower starter for lawn. If it doesn’t work, read the manual book and find out the solution from it.

How to Maintain a Lawn Mower

As you are mowing your lawn, you may find some problem. For some cases, you can overcome yourself. For instance, your Lawn Mower Starter doesn’t start. The first thing to do is checking the gasoline. Replace your old gasoline with the new one. Then, as you finish mowing, you have to drain the gasoline. Make sure that the gasoline is fresh as you will mow in the spring. Do the same step for the oil. If the oil is contaminated or old, drain and replace it soon. The other part of starter for lawn mower to pay attention is the undercarriage. Make sure that it is clean. Use a wire brush it remove the dirt and grass clippings. Use also hose to spray away the remaining debris. For the safety, unplug the spark plug before you work on the undercarriage.

Choose the Best Lawn Mower Seats for the Comfortable Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing will be a fun activity. Install Lawn Mower Seats for your riding lawn mowing. Besides your work will be easier, you can have fun with your kids mowing your lawn. Therefore, you should choose the lawn mower seating carefully to bring the easiness and portability for your work. Here are some matters you can consider when you are going to choose seating for lawn mower.

Lawn Mower Seat: Style and Modernity

Basically, Lawn Mower Seats is a simple seat which is installed in the upper part of your lawn mower. It is padded that brings you comfort and easiness when you are running your lawn mower. In the present days, seating for lawn mower is modified. Thus, it brings more than easiness and comfort. You are also offered with style and modernity. You can see that seating for lawn mower has various colors, such as: black, mossy Oak camo, yellow, or gray. Some lawn mower, furthermore, has some wonderful patterns such as: camouflage. So, you will have many choices for your lawn mower.

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The Universal Lawn Mower Seat

For the first time, it will be pretty hard to decide the best Lawn Mower Seats for your lawn mower. However, nowadays some brands produce lawn mower seating with universal model. It means, this seat can be installed for any type of lawn mower. As black becomes the main color, this seat for lawn mower is suitable for any color of lawn mower you have. So, you can get both style and portability within a simple package.

Consider These Matters

Before you buy Lawn Mower Seats for your lawn mower, you should consider some matters. Size, for instance, is one of the important matters to consider. Consider the back and the seat where you are going to sit on. Make sure that the size is universal. Therefore, anybody with any body size can comfortably sits upon the seats for lawn mower. Besides, seating also deals with the comfort. Thus, choose and consider the material of your seats. For some seats, details such as adjustability and armrests are added. So, you can consider, whether you need those additional features for seats or not.

Lawn Mower Seats often has back rest. Each lawn mower has different backrest with different height. If you wish a comfortable lawn mower riding, the high backrest is a good option. On the other hand, the low backrest is also a good option. It is all you can decide. Consider the ergonomic factor, which means considering the seats for lawn mower that is suitable for you. By choosing the most suitable seat, you can have a relaxing lawn mowing. Besides, consider also whether you choose the cushioned seat or bench seat before you purchase. The price will be different one to another.

The materials are also varied: molded poly, polyurethane, vinyl, urethane, and molded cushion. As you are going to work outside with your lawn mower, it will be better if the lawn mower seating is waterproof. The common seats are covered by either plastic or vinyl. Both of them are waterproof with their own special features. Vinyl is famous with its comfort. Meanwhile, plastic has a wonderful durability. As Lawn Mower Seats deals with comfort, choose carefully and consider those matters.